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26 Jan 2017

When looking to refresh a room or specific area of the house, one of the main considerations has to be the existing palette of the room.  Not much else of your new scheme will work, if the existing base colour is all wrong. Some people naturally have a knack for colo...

23 Dec 2016

With Christmas just a few days away, I decided it was time to revert some attention to a couple of my own interiors projects that have been on my 'to-do' list for quite some time, but I've just never got around to doing. When we moved into our beautiful Co...

3 Dec 2016

Scandinavian influenced Christmas décor isn’t a new thing, but it has grown in popularity over the years and evolved somewhat. There are still those that like to embrace the traditional reds and greens of Christmas, but more popular these days, seems to be the more nat...

15 Oct 2016

You may recall in an earlier post that I said we were in the process of slowly refurbishing our lovely but rather tired Cornish barn conversion. 

This time round we’ve decided to pace ourselves rather than rush in all paint brushes blazing.  My approach to design has me...

6 Oct 2016

I love that all things vintage is going through a bit of revival at the moment.  There’s so many vintage fairs, flea markets and shops in the South West, it’s hard to know where to start.  What a problem to have I hear you say.  Yes, it’s a hard life sometimes....

4 Oct 2016

The weather in Cornwall, even for the start of Autumn, has been stunning and I’ve been able to work outside on my furniture for much of the time, rather than being stuck inside my workshop.

However, once the sun disappears over the grassy hill at the top of our garden a...

21 Sep 2016

Dear Readers,

Forgive me for I have sinned.  It's been 5 months since my last blog entry...

Why is that?  Oh, I don't know really.  I have been busy with the business and possibly took my eye off the ball in terms of blog writing. 

Well, I'm a creative professio...

25 Apr 2016

I often meet people who want to make changes to their home but are apprehensive about where to start. 

Many clients struggle to identify their own design style and/or the overall look they are seeking to achieve. 

Some believe they do not require, or want to involve a pr...

8 Apr 2016

What inspires you?  That can (for some) be a difficult question to answer, especially if you had to narrow that down to a colour, a style or a piece of architecture.

Clients frequently tell me they struggle to be inspired when it comes to styling or designing their home...

30 Mar 2016

I am often asked what prompted me to follow a career design.  It’s very difficult to think of one defining moment in my life but if I had to pin down a time, this would probably be it.

Having returned from a holiday in Cornwall some 13 years ago now, my husband and I ra...

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14 Jan 2017

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