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Property Styling Services



Styling your Holiday Rental to Increase Bookings and Rental Yield

In a competitive holiday rental market place, its important to ensure your commercial let shines above the rest.  


Of course, its important to research your local competition to see which ones fill up with bookings year-on-year, and then research why that might be the case, but lets face it, beautiful photos of light, bright, stylish interiors, sell holiday lets.   Guests want to stay in a holiday rental that is as good, or better than their current home.  Something desirable, that will offer them a bit of aspirational living for the week they are there.

All too often, holiday let owners just focus on what 'might do' or 'is practical' in their property, and don't pay any attention to spacial planning, colour palette, or what looks great or stand-out.  Practicality is important, as is understanding how to furnish and style a property for heavy commercial use.

Here at The Cornish House, we pay particular attention to those kind of details.  While we understand that a holiday let can't compromise form over function, we work with clients to create stunning, aspirational spaces that guests want to stay in, look stunning in photos and on your website, and crucially, wear well.


Styling your Home for Sale


You only get one opportunity to make a good first impression when it comes to selling your home and with over 80% of house buyers using property sourcing and location websites such as RightMove, Zoopla and PrimeLocation to find and pre-screen their next home, strong online appeal is just as critical as good kerb appeal to ensure your property stands out from the crowd.

All too often properties are left languishing on the property market for far too long, or sellers are advised by estate agent to reduce their sale price after 9 weeks in order to attract more viewings and/or favourable offers.  It’s therefore critical to get interested buyers through your door within the first few weeks of your property hitting the open market in order to generate as much interest as possible and those all important offers.  Failure to do so can be costly and often results in buyers being suspicious about why your property has not sold.

By engaging an experienced Property Stylist and Home Stager such as The Cornish House early on, we can often add thousands of pounds to your property’s sale price as buyers will always pay a premium for a property that has been staged and presented in ‘showroom condition’ and ready to move into.

By investing between 1% - 5% of your property’s value in styling and staging it ready for sale, you are more likely to sell your property faster and at the right price.

The average buyer makes their mind up about a property within the first 30 seconds of arriving at a viewing, so presentation is everything!

Unfurnished properties or those with empty rooms often take twice as long to sell compared to furnished properties as buyers find it difficult to connect with a property and/or struggle to see themselves living there if it feels sterile, unloved or not lived-in.

So much about selling a home is about buying into a lifestyle or aspirational living.  Amazingly, 9 out of 10 buyers can’t see a property’s true potential if it hasn’t been styled and/or dressed for sale.   

Here at The Cornish House, our Property Stylists have an exceptional eye for detail and are skilled at working with you to help you to see your home through buyer’s eyes. 

It is our aim to make the most of what you already have in your property.  However, if a property is unfurnished or needs additional styling to help redefine a space to ensure it appeals to the largest number of potential buyers, we are able to source hired furniture, accessories and assist or identify trades to help on any aesthetical improvements we believe would add value.

Our clients are always amazed how Property Styling works out to be so much more cost effective than any drop in sale price.  So much so, we have a number of clients that come back time again to utilise our services prior to their property being placed on the open market.

Whether you plan to undertake the work yourself or require expert assistance on how to go about it, the next step is to book a home consultation with The Cornish House.  This process commences with a walk through of the property in question so a detailed report can be compiled providing examples of how it may be improved, a plan of action on how to tackle it and the associated costs involved. 

If you would like information on any of our services, please feel free to get in touch with The Cornish House via our Contact Page.

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