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12 Jun 2017

Well, we did it! June 2017 was our first ever Royal Cornwall Show and our first retail event, and what a show is was! As many of our readers are aware, The Cornish House is predominantly an Interior Design and Styling business but over the last year we've acc...

16 May 2017

For those of you that follow our Facebook and Instagram pages, will know we've been rather busy of late. Not just on our usual interior deisgn and styling projects, but also prepping for our very first Royal Cornwall Show. To say we are just a little bit excited is...

8 Mar 2017

When it comes to designing your perfect space, lighting has to be an important factor, and as per my previous blog post 'Let There Be Light', there are many different types of lighting to consider - task, ambient and so on. Some of the fun and funkiest lights...

6 Mar 2017

Following on from my previous blog post: French Louis XV Fauteuil Renovation Project, in this post I will cover the upholstery process - breaking it down into stages, so you can see how the process develops. To kick-off any upholstery project, first you need to make su...

3 Mar 2017

You may recall I purchased a pair of French 17th century classic Louis XV fauteuils (or to you and I, open sided armchairs) a while back as an upholstery project.

22 Feb 2017

Everyone loves a coastal inspired print wallpaper. There's just something very calming and relaxing about a seaside themed room, so we've dug out eight of our favourites feature wallpapers to share with you.

20 Feb 2017

Planning the layout of a living space, and indeed any room, is all about assessing the space available and then creating functional zones for the different activities that will take place in that room. Whether that be reading, listening to music, conversation, watchin...

15 Feb 2017

So you want to create a rustic, relaxed, farmhouse style dining room in your home, with lots of neutrals, texture and some ornate detailing but you don't know where to start or where to source your key pieces from. We give you two options to achieve the same look.

11 Feb 2017

The faithful armchair - a pivotal part of room decor that can add style, elegance and design interest to an otherwise ordinary space. Here at The Cornish House, we've scoured the highstreet and some of our top end suppliers to list our favourite ten, so you don&#...

3 Feb 2017

The colour navy has seen somewhat of a fashionable revival over the last six months or so.

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