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And so The Cornish House was born...

What inspires you? That can (for some) be a difficult question to answer, especially if you had to narrow that down to a colour, a style or a piece of architecture.

Clients frequently tell me they struggle to be inspired when it comes to styling or designing their home and its interiors.

For me, my inspiration comes from my surroundings - architecture, the places I visit, nature. Some of those places are overseas but many of them are here; on my own doorstep.

Two years ago my husband and I decided to up-sticks from the Buckinghamshire home we had so lovingly renovated for the last 11 years; and move 240 miles South West to Cornwall.

Several things spurred our move. A big factor was our focus to achieve a better work life balance, escaping the rat race and the M25 carpark that had become part of our daily existence.

Perhaps more importantly for me, the move symbolised a long held dream to finally live in the county I had always regarded as my home.

As a child, I spent many holidays playing among the sand dunes or ankle deep in a Cornish rock pool. As an adult, soaking up a beautiful windswept Cornish beach or paddling in the clear blue surf with my jeans rolled up around my knees. The draw to the area has always been hard-wired in me.

It’s a strange feeling to describe, but I’ve always felt a belonging in Cornwall and almost mourned its loss each time we had to pack up and leave to return home. Much like saying goodbye to an old friend.

Of course; there have been many times in my life when I toyed with the idea of packing up everything and making the leap sooner. It just never felt like the right time. I knew the perfect moment would present itself. That it would sneak up on me. I just didn’t know when it would be.

Imagine my anticipation (and excitement) when that moment occurred nearly two years ago now.

Making a move and more importantly a lifestyle change like the one we had always dreamed of was not (and is still not) without its challenges.

I recall a number of our friends thought we had lost the plot when we told them our news and couldn't understand why we wanted to rock the boat or change the status quo when we already had successful careers, a good income and a beautiful home.

I guess it’s hard to understand when you are stuck in the daily grind of living a 50 hour + working week, that all you are really doing is merely existing.

This is especially true when you are not living in an area that you love, in a career that excites you or doing things in your rare free time that motivate and make you want to get up in a morning.

You may wonder whether this was the dreamy, creative, hippie within me talking. Quite possibly, but there's nothing quite like the harsh reality of 17 years in stressful management and ball-breaking HR roles to make one wonder whether there is more to life. My response to the doubters was therefore, why not?

My love for Cornwall extends way beyond childhood memories. Everything about the county fills me with excitement, apprehension... magic even.

As an artist and musician, I have never felt more inspired to engage with my creative side than when here. Break away from my ‘work’ self and do something I love.

From the lapping pulse of the ocean on the shoreline, the warm salty breeze on my cheeks, the fresh scent of seaweed, the crunch of warm sand dissipating between my toes, the suns reflection winking on the clear waters in the distance, the seclusion of a private cove, the green reds greys whites of the marble like rocks striped like an Apache Indian, the curl of the waves like wild horses racing to shore, the discovery of a seahorse in a lonely rock pool at low tide, the lush green of a far off peninsula jutting majestically out of the sea, Cornish teeth like rocks rupturing miles of golden sandy beaches, the call of the Cormorant as it dries its impressive wings in the sun, the heavy scent of wild woodland garlic in Spring, blankets of heather, ferns and primrose, swallows soaring through the sky with blue metallic feathers glistening…

Surrounded by this feast for the senses, it’s hard not to be inspired. Not to feel a sense of purpose. Not to plant a seed for change.

It therefore made perfect sense (to me anyway), that Cornwall was to be our new home, and therefore be the base for our next adventure in life and business.

There was no better time. There would be no better time. What exactly was it that we were waiting for?

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