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Trend Watch - Must Have Colours and Prints for 2017

It’s no secret that the fashion industry has long since influenced the big paint and wallpaper designers and producers when honing their inspiration for the coming year’s interior colour schemes.

The colour trends that shaped 2016 were the pinks, teals, charcoals, mustards and navy blues.

This year green is back and according to Pantone, it’s all about ‘Greenery’ which is pitched as their new colour of the year.

Thankfully Farrow & Ball have come up with their own version of Greenery in their 2017 spring collection called Yearbridge Green, and Little Greene, the very elegant Palace Road damask wallpaper inspired by 19th century woven silk, available in a similarly more appealing shade.

The romantic, boutique grey and pink schemes of 2015 look to be making a return and in terms of paint, 2017‘s colour palette is all about subtle, chic, understated dusky rose hues.

Farrow & Ball’s new Peignoir is particularly lovely, as is old faithful Light Peach Blossom which is still available from Little Greene.

Last years teals are a more warm and inviting turquoise, Charcoals more soft calming pigeon grey.

In January 2017 Little Greene launched their London wallpaper IV range which includes Albemarle Street, a scaled down reproduction of the large feathery flower print from the 18th century damask design.

Originally produced in an enormous repeat print in soft dark blue flock on a light background, their modern interpretation of the historic design is elegant and refined.

All in all, a very sophisticated, classically inspired collection including a glorious compendium of authentic motifs, rescaled design and English Heritage inspired colours.

Perfect for modern-day, contemporary living

Photo source: The Cornish House, Farrow & Ball. Little Greene, Pinterest

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