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Three on-trend interior styles for Christmas. No.3 - Vintage.

On the 3rd day of Christmas...

Quite possibly my favourite interior styles, and not just for Christmas.

The vintage theme focuses on natural and neutrals, with influences from a rustic French / English farmhouse.

Not everything about this style has be too shabby, far from it. In fact, as a designer, there is a very clear distinction in my mind in something being 'shabby' and 'well lived-in'. I personally prefer the latter as it leaves a fresh, more chic, classic, effortless finish rather than being all about peeling furniture and overworked design.

True vintage often brings together a range of mismatching furniture, including reclaimed pieces, stylish brocante and the odd distressed armoire or shutter, for that rustic look.

Layers of whites and greys work in conjunction with textured pieces like linens, grain sack, jute and sisal.

Table and tree decorations are simple making use of herbs, cones, fir and holly for a touch of greenery.

Find the right blend of chic and rustic, and you will achieve a beautiful relaxed living space.

Photo source: Pinterest and The Cornish House

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