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Some things are better with age - Georgian Chair Refurb

If you have started following my blog or indeed, my website, you will no doubt have come to realise that I am a lover of all things old, antique, vintage, call it what you will.

Over the years I have spent a lot of my hard earned cash on pieces of furniture that have just not stood up to the test of time.

Of course you expect that to happen with some pieces, after all you inevitably get what you pay for. There has been the odd occasion though, where I have made an investment in a high-end piece of furniture from a reputable store and its degraded or broken prematurely, to the point where it's no longer fit for purpose.

As frustrating as that is, I now believe wholeheartedly the wise adage my grandma used to say.

'They just don't make things like they used to'.

I wouldn't say that is the case with all things. Indeed, in my trade, I meet many master craftsmen and furniture makers who are at the top of their game and produce some stunning furniture, but invariably their products are often bespoke so very hard to find or source, or come with a bespoke price tag. They are also often only available to trade and not every day folk.

So when people ask me why I often look to the past for my furniture, the answer is simple.

Because antique, even vintage furniture was made to last, hence it's still standing 100 years on.

Of course all furniture, even period pieces, are prone to damage through use, but they differ in their structure, composition, architecture. It's generally solid and unyielding.

In my view, a well-loved piece that has suffered a little weathering over the years, is far more appealing than something shiny and pristine.

It's true, some things just are better with age.

I recently came across a pair of beautiful late Georgian / Regency chairs, covered in dust and grime and shouting out for a little TLC.

The seat pads had been re-covered a few years ago, but had been done poorly and did not compliment the elegant line of the chairs.

I'd been looking for a simple refurbishment project to dust down my upholstery tools and this was the perfect job.

My upholstery skills are by no means perfect and I am still learning, honing and refining those skills, but its always a pleasure when something turns out as you envisaged it would. Better even.

These beautiful chairs would look perfect around a dinner table or in a bedroom.

Painted in Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint, they've been finished with a light brown wax to highlight some of the finer detail.

Now vailable in our online store at

Photo source: The Cornish House and Pinterest

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